Position Description: Learning Director, We The People

About We The People: We The People works to build multi-racial, working class organizing capacity, alliances, and infrastructure across the state of Michigan focused on building proactive and unified vision of a Michigan rooted in economic, racial, and social justice and works toward building long-term governing power in our state. 

Position:  We seek a full-time Learning Director that will take responsibility for creating learning systems within the organization that allow us to evaluate and strengthen our work over time. They will work to document our work and make it legible to our funders, allies, partners, and others in the community organizing and social movement space. They will work to develop quantitative and qualitative evaluation practices, promote learning culture within the organization, build strong relationships across We The People staff, partners, and funders, and document our work through written reports. This is a unique position that will require someone that is passionate about learning and evaluation in the community organizing sector. The position will report to the Executive Director, Art Reyes III. Ideally the position will be based in Detroit, though location within Michigan is flexible for the right candidate. 

A note about the position: At We The People, we have a radical commitment to learning. We believe that learning is central to successful organizing and social movement work. It requires us to act with humility, listen to people, and remain open to adaptation over time. We also believe that at times, honest learning can be implicitly deprioritized or disincentivized among organizations seeking funding from donors, foundations, national organizations, etc. We believe that there is an argument to be made that community organizing groups are, at times, treated as intermediaries between funders and the communities in which they work. Funders determine the agenda (which issues, geographic focus, tactics, etc.) and organizations carry the agenda out. In this case, development or fundraising staff are often put in a position to paint the work of the organization in the best possible light and cater the work to the desires of funders. This often removes agenda-setting power from our communities and hinders honest self-evaluation and learning.  It is in this vein, that we reject the notion of hiring a Development Director, and instead seek to hiring a Learning Director that will prioritize learning and cultivate our relationships with funders as learning partners in the service of the work.   

Primary Responsibilities:  The Learning Director will: 

  • Build and maintain learning systems within our team that allow us to reflect on our work in the short, medium, and long-term. 

  • Build quantitative and qualitative evaluation processes to help us learn from our work.

  • Build strong relationships with our staff and partners, and craft deliberate learning spaces (meetings, convenings, etc.) with our team and with partners to reflect on key learnings in the work. 

  • Support We The People staff in data-management best practices and ensure that we are tracking data relevant to short, medium, and long-term learning and evaluation. 

  • Partner with researchers and academic partners to explore relevant research questions in our work. 

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with current and potential funders of our work. 

  • Assist in writing and developing funding proposals and completing grant reports. 

  • Documenting our work in meaningful ways that allow for learning and reflection. 

  • Writing thoughtful and compelling evaluation of our work for funders, partners, and others in the community organizing and social movement space.

  • Work to execute goals and metrics set forth by We The People. 

  • Other duties or tasks may be assigned on an as-needed basis.

Job Requirements:  We are seeking a Learning Director that meets the following requirements: 

  • At least five years of experience in research/evaluation, non-profit development, program development or management, or other relevant experience within community organizing, labor, non-profit, or philanthropic sectors. Or graduate degree in the social sciences and relevant research and evaluation experience.

  • A natural sense of curiosity and deep commitment to learning in the community organizing and social movement spaces. 

  • Organized systems thinker. 

  • Experience with setting up or managing data systems.

  • Ability to interpret data in ways that raise meaningful questions and make our work legible to our funders, allies, and others in the organizing and social movement space. 

  • Ability to build relationships internally and externally.

  • Ability to build relationships with We The People funders and engage them as learning partners.

  • Excellent writing skills, strong editing skills, and ability to work through a writing process with others.  

  • A learning mentality and willingness to learn as part of the team. 

  • Ability to practice showing up for co-workers with consistent follow-through and good communication.

  • Willingness to speak up, suggest new ideas, receive feedback, adjust plans to ensure successful completion of goals, and be part of the solution.

  • People with experience as development staff or organizational leadership responsible for fundraising frustrated with a broken system and seeking a better way are encouraged to apply. 

Compensation: This position is full-time. Salary starts at $52,000 with room for negotiation for more experienced candidates. This position includes full health, dental, and vision benefits, generous paid leave and holidays, and professional development opportunities. 

To apply please send a cover letter, resume, and a writing sample to with the subject WTP Learning Director Position. We The People is an Equal Opportunity Employer; women, people of color, persons with disabilities and LGBTQ people are strongly encouraged to apply.