April 2019

WTP is excited to begin Policy and Research!

Our first policy task is to understand the state budget and what it will mean for us. We're partnering with organizations like Michigan League for Public Policy and 482Forward to bring budget webinars and workshops to folks across the state. We want to begin to understand what we can do to influence budget decisions.

As for research, we're excited to launch our Power Mapping Pods and begin to research the powers that we're up against! PMP's are launching in May across the state. We will hold a statewide webinar on April 23rd with more details to come. To find out more about Power Research, check out Little Sis.

Want to get involved in your local PMP? Signup here!

We're about 3 months into this new branch for work, and we're excited to build it with you!

Megan Collier Hess