November 2018

Thank goodness the elections are over! We are really proud of all the amazing work happening in Southeast Michigan. For this month's newsletter we are highlighting three partner organizations who did work on the elections. 

Good Jobs Now has been running an amazing voter engagement campaign in Detroit, knocking on over 200,000 doors!

Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice holds down a lot of the organizing happening in Macomb and Oakland county. They have been strong advocates of worker rights and fair wages. They spent countless hours door knocking, phone banking, and educating folks about what was in their ballots. 

Michigan chapter of Working America, the largest non-union worker's group in the U.S. They spent a lot of their efforts canvassing in Macomb County, talking to folks about important issues like healthcare, education, and housing. 

Thank you Southeast Michigan, Working America, and good jobs now for your important work in southeast Michigan.  

Debrief and regroup after the election with Jobs with Justice

Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice (SEMJWJ) emerged out of the Detroit Newspaper strike of the 1990s. Like 30 other JWJ chapters across the country, SEMJWJ is an organization of organizations, including labor, community, faith-based and single-issue.

We started out organizing solidarity support for people struggling for social and economic justice. Today, we also see our mission as helping to build a multi-issue, unified progressive movement, something more permanent and ongoing than coalitions around single-issues and brief bursts of time.

That’s why we are inviting groups to a Special Election Debriefing meeting Saturday. Nov. 17, 11 am to 2:00 pm at CWA Local 4009, 17233 West 10 Mile Road, Southfield. We all won Nov. 6 because, together while working in different arenas we operated as a unified movement, moving in the same direction and gaining power benefitting us all.

On Nov. 17, we will discuss how to continue operating as a unified movement beyond elections. For further information, call us at 313-720-2510 or email us at

Working America helped shape the election in Macomb!

Working America helped reclaim votes based on our values in iconic Macomb County by holding thousands of face-to-face conversations with voters to draw clear connections between voters' top issues and their choices at the polls. The group was uniquely positioned among progressive partners to deliver high-quality, large-scale field engagement about the best candidate for working families. With voters of all backgrounds voicing concern about crumbling roads and bridges, skyrocketing insurance costs, and the lack of affordable health care choices, Working America stepped up to engage voters and shift the power back to candidates who will address those issues.

Good Jobs Now Action knocked over 200k doors!

As a community org rooted in building political power for low income Black and Brown folks, we're really excited and proud of the work that we've accomplished in the last few months! Here are just a few highlights that both Good Jobs Now, Good Jobs Now Action, and Detroit Action Common Weath has for Fall 2018! 

Our sister organization, Good Jobs Now Action, has the largest canvas in Wayne County, and our fellows, staff and volunteers, have knocked over 200,000 doors -- and this our hard work we put in to make sure our voices are heard, along with other organizers in the city are responsible for the voting in Detroit being 10% higher than in 2014.

We've wrapped up our High School Voter Registration program where we were able to pay ten Detroit high schoolers to learn organizing skills, register other high schoolers to vote, and be engaged with other committees and events throughout GJN!

We've held listening sessions with a winning slate of Gretchen Whitmer, Garland Gilchrist, Jocelyn Benson and Dana Nessel, where community members brought concerns and their stories to the then candidates and we collaborated on commitments to make sure that listening to the community/ engaging with communities was a pillar of their platform. 

During #GOTVwithGJN we held political education around voter suppression, and we had over 100 volunteers ready to hit turf, knock doors, and get folks excited about voting and most importantly, held space for the families of our canvassers who were shot during canvassing. On E-day we had staff members hold down Election Protection posts at election polls, had our youth cohort doing phone banking, and knocked doors in multiple shifts throughout the day.

Moving forward, we are ready to throw down with orgs like We the People-MI during lame duck to make sure that politicians are not able to silence us, continuing to develop community leaders for a leader full movement, determined to continue to develop our digital program and building our online base, and are getting prepared for our early December fundraiser--we hope to see you there!

Stay connected with us on social media @goodjobsnowDET

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